Security Dogs K9 Services

Dog Handlers provide the most effective level of canine security protection, with a roving, visible presence, constant vigilance, and ultimate psychological deterrent.

Service Details

It is commonly accepted that one security patrol dog and handler team can be as effective as five static security officers, due to the canine’s excellent olfactory system, the Sail Security Dog section provides trained security dogs and dog handlers for the protection of people and property.

Sail security’s professional management team and supervisors ensure that security patrol, as well as guard dogs and handler teams, are kept up-to-date with regular training.

Sail Security Dog section provides the following K9 services;

Security patrol dogs with handler

Narcotics screen dogs

Explosives screening dogs

Crowd control

Dog obedience and defence training

Our Values

  • Professionalism towards clients, staff, and partners.
  • Integrity to stand by our principles and commitments to our clients.
  • Client Centricity, clients are at the centre of SGC’s business philosophy, operations, or ideas.
  • Reliability, we are dependable and faithful to serving our clients.

All Our services

  • Security guards for home residences and companies
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV and video surveillance
  • Surveillance and access services
  • GPS vehicle and motorcycle trackings
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • Security consultancy

All Services are provided according to our values.


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